About Us


About Us

As Platan Yazılım ve Güvenlik Çözümleri Limited Şirketi, we analyze the needs within the organizations and bring a new perspective to the sector with our great experience which we have gained in years.

"The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New." based on the motto we have started developing our products with "Simplicity is always an indication of wisdom" principle. we aimed to meet the present sector's needs and to create products those do not to lose the ability to fulfill future needs while designing our software and security solutions.

Our software products automate the installation, integration, management and continuous improvement of corporate management systems within companies.

Our Values

We work with the sincerity of a business partner to produce solutions to the problems of our customers, to make our customers aware of our products and services, thereby increasing their business, productivity and experience.

With our planned, principled and progressive business approach and our expert team; We provide a professional perspective to the problems with our 100% customer satisfaction understanding and the services we provide for customer interests.

The successes of our customers means that our successes and our country successes. Because of that we have given priority to making our customers advantageous with considering the principle of confidentiality due to business consistency.

For this reasons, as Platan Yazılım ve Güvenlik Çözümleri Limited Şirketi, we will continue our understanding of providing services while preserving our values and we will continue to create conscious business lines by always transferring accurate information.

Our Vision

to Create user-friendly, adaptable for changing needs and independently improvable products.

Our Mission

to be the leading company in the field bu adopting national/international standards and following technological innovations.